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Every retail business knows that there is no better way to improve the visibility of your products than with displays that bring out the best in your store. At Wetop Acrylic, our custom acrylic point of sale (POS) and point of purchase (POP) displays are designed to help your products stand out. These displays can be placed in high trafficked areas on the sales floor. That is in aisles near similar products or merchandise or near the check-out area. When used well, they can help grab customers’ attention and increase brand awareness.

What makes our Custom Acrylic POS & POP Display outstanding is the fact that they are appealing. Acrylic displays are a combination of striking transparent material, light, and motion technologies. They offer you so much more than regular POS & POP displays. They are eye-catching and highly effective for driving impulse buying.

ModelCustom Acrylic POS and POP Display
SizeCustom Size
ColorClear, White, Black, Red, Blue or Customized
PrintingSilk-Screen, Digital Printing, Hot Transfer, Laser Cutting, Sticker, Engraving
Prototyping3-5 days
Lead Time15-20 days for bulk production

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What’s the difference between POS & POP Displays? 

Some people use POS and POP interchangeably, but there is a slight difference. You can have acrylic POS displays placed where customers complete their last leg of purchase. This is usually at the cashiers or check-out area. 

On the other hand, POP is a store where goods are displayed for customers to view and make purchasing decisions. Your Acrylic POP Display can stand alone with shelving or have other storage items attached to it to hold products. They can also be placed near advertised items and where clients are most likely to make a purchase decision.

Amongst all the materials, our Acrylic POS Displays and Acrylic POP Displays are arguably the most effective. They are: 

  • Made from a strong material
  • Come in creative designs   
  • Eye-catching to capture shoppers’ attention and increase sales


Benefits Of Using Our Custom Acrylic POS & POP Display

You might have top-of-the-line products, but without an attention-capturing display, your product may be lost in the pool of options in a store. You can place acrylic POS & POP displays beside or near merchandise to inform customers about their benefits. This put potential clients at the point of purchase by exposing them to attractive and outstanding products.

Our Wetop POS & POP Acrylic displays differentiate themselves from other marketing tools meant to draw customers into a store. Acrylic POS & POP displays focus on attracting customers’ attention to particular offers or specific products when a customer is already in the store. Their primary purpose is to give your products an original presentation that makes them look more valuable in customers’ eyes. They display your products in the front and help them pop out, which outshines other products, even though they may be similar. Retailers also love acrylic displays because they’re durable, affordable, and optimize sales space.


Why should you consider Custom Acrylic POS & POP Display?

Besides being customized to suit your unique needs, our Acrylic POS & POP Display is essential for fast-moving products. It is a fantastic promotion strategy to attract shoppers to certain products. It’s also a cost-effective way to enhance visibility, push for more promotions and brand awareness. Even if a customer doesn’t buy your products, the display will help you build your company’s brand. 

You can trust our experts if you need lovely customized Custom Acrylic POS & POP Displays that increase sales. At Wetop acrylic, we are here to perfect your in-store marketing. We do our best to understand your brand, its messaging, and your audience. That enables us to create something that will match your unique needs, taste, and preference.

How to Custom Acrylic POS and POP Display?

Just 4 Easy Steps to Start Your Project

Tell Us What You Need

Please send us the drawing, reference pictures, or share your idea. Advise the required quantity and lead time. Then, we will work on it.

Review the Quotation & Solution

According to your requirements, Our Sales team will get back to you within 24 hours with the best suit solution and competitive quote.

Getting Prototyping and Adjustment

After approving the quote, we will prepare the prototyping sample for you in 3-5 days. You can confirm this by physical sample or picture & video.

Approval for Bulk Production & Shipping

Mass production will start after approving the prototype. Normally it will take 10 to 15 working days depending on the order quantity and complexity of the project.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Sure, We have different ways to print your logo, such as silk-screen, digital printing, engraving logo(embossed effect), Sticker, and so on. The best solution will provide according to your marketing needs.

    The minimum order quantity of our acrylic display stand is 50pcs for each design. And order quantity is the important factor for the price as bulk production will help to decrease the cost.

    The lead time for the order is 1-2 weeks but should depend on the order size and complexity of the project. And shipping time relies on the shipping methods. Shipped by sea will take 25-35 days and 3-5 days by FedEx or DHL.

    Yes, for sure, that’s the best way to confirm the details and help both of us to make mistakes during bulk mass production. generally, the sample cost for the custom acrylic display is $100 included FedEx freight. (for the complex project, please get in touch with our acrylic expert for more details.)

    Our factory is located in Dongguan City, China. a city named as “factory of the world.” Here, we can bring your idea into reality with different accessories combined and ship to different countries.
    We can ship the goods to any place that exists on the earth. Ushuaia in Argentina is a city distance with us about 23,000 kilometers and that’s the furthest place we have been shipped so far.

    Ask For A Quick Quote

    We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “info@ssebattery.com”.