Custom Acrylic Displays

Infinite Possibilities of Custom Acrylic Displays

Acrylic Countertop Display
Acrylic Floor Display
Acrylic Countertop Display
Acrylic Floor Display
Acrylic Countertop Display
Acrylic Countertop Display
Acrylic Floor Display
Acrylic Countertop Display
Acrylic Floor Display
Acrylic Countertop Display

4 Steps to Custom Acrylic Displays

Our solution is tailored to the needs of the individual, Let’s talk about more and custom the acrylic display to attract your customers with excellent visual appeal.


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Our sales team will work on the specific quote and tailored solution of the acrylic displays within 24 hours. 



After approving the quote, your acrylic display prototyping sample will be finished in 3-5 days. Please check and advise your opinion after getting the physical samples.


Get Quote And Solution

Our sales team will work on the specific quote and tailored solution of the acrylic displays within 24 hours. 



After approving the quote, your acrylic display prototyping sample will be finished in 3-5 days. Please check and advise your opinion after getting the physical samples.

3 Reasons Why Working with Wetop Acrylic

Custom Acrylic Displays provide a cost-effective way to display your item in an elegant layout. We offer OEM/ODM services to suit different marketing needs.

As a professional acrylic displays manufacturer, we understand that your displays are in different dimensions, shapes, colors. Fortunately, our team consists of experts from each manufacturing process who can promise you a perfect acrylic display!

Wetop acrylics know that Product displays are an integral part of a store’s layout. How a product is shown off to the customer can either initiate a purchase or kill it. We are the leading acrylic display manufacture in china, but we can ship goods across the globe. Here are the top 3 reasons to choose Wetop acrylic

1 – Custom Designs

We have a variety of custom-made acrylic displays for every project, whether indoor or outdoor spaces. We offer ready-made solutions for the more popular applications and custom designs for customers who want something beyond the status quo. And whenever you need assistance, we’ll share professional guidance to help decide which display is right for you.

2 – Quality Products 

Wetop acrylic understands what customers expect when they are promised quality displays. “Quality display” may sound like a sales lingo, but authentic acrylic displays are hard to come by when working with low-standard traders. We take every step possible to provide you with displays that offer the performance you need—and don’t settle for less than 100% satisfaction.

3 – Quality Engineering And Manufacturing

Our team of experts shares the commitment to top-notch quality engineering and manufacturing. We use high-quality acrylic material and accuracy laser-cut to ensure consistency. So no matter the size of your project, we’re confident that we have a perfect solution for you. We are open to the challenges that come with each project and strive to deliver the very best. We know we’re the right supplier for you with our innovation, creativity, and constant research on the latest technological advancements in the acrylic display industry.

Unlimited Option for Acrylic Displays

LED Lighting
360 degrees Rotating Display
Water-Proof Device
LCD Screen Display

Work Process for Custom Acrylic Displays

Free Design

Top Grade Material

Acrylic Cutting

CNC Routing

Diamond Polishing

Free Design

Top Grade Material

Acrylic Cutting

CNC Routing

Diamond Polishing

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    The Benefit of Custom Acrylic Display from Wetop Acrylic

    We are the best acrylic display manufacturer in china. But don’t take our word for it; we have made everything to be all about you, the customer. We customized the exact displays your business needs to capture and hold people’s attention, compelling them to make a purchase.

    We share your values.

    There is no point in marketing your corporate social responsibility and working with a manufacturer with a less than perfect track record. Success is when you sell products or work with a company you believe in. Wetop acrylic operates with a very strong ethical ethos. We maintain a high quality and transparency from sourcing raw material, production, packaging, and distribution of our acrylic displays. We share your business core values such as:

    • Leadership
    • Integrity
    • Commitment to the customer’s satisfaction
    • Passion for what we do
    • Continuous Learning
    • Diversity to find exactly what fits your budget and needs
    • Innovation for continued success
    • High-Quality material and finished goods
    • Teamwork to ensure growth and greatness
    • High level of discipline and accountability when sourcing raw material, producing, packaging, and distributing acrylic displays

    Quality custom acrylic displays

    The quality of products is a huge factor in the success of any business. We are proud to be the manufacturer of some of the best acrylic displays in the market today. You can order a few acrylic display samples from us and see them for yourself. We are a combination of high-quality acrylic displays and value for money!

    We have a pool of 100% satisfied clients.

    A majority of our sales comes from return clients, and to us, that is a blessing. It shows that they believe in our products and are satisfied with the result.

    Why custom acrylic display? Quality + value for money.

    We produce top-quality acrylic displays at affordable prices, and the material stands the test of time better than any other display in the market today. Here are some of the things that set Wetop Acrylic Displays apart:

    • Acrylic is easy to mold/fabricate into different shapes and sizes
    • It is 50% Lighter than Glass,
    • Much Stronger
    • Inexpensive and worth it
    • Highly Transparent, a vital bonus point for displays
    • Easy to Clean- no special technique or detergent is required
    • It can last up to 10 years without yellowing
    • Easy to Maintain

    Custom Acrylic Display: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Table of Contents

    What are custom acrylic displays made of?

    Our acrylic displays are made of cast lucite acrylic, which has high transparency features and excellent quality. Also, we can custom the acrylic display combined with other materials such as wood, metal, LCD screen, LED lighting to achieve different effects and make it different.

    All of our acrylic sheets are passed SGS certification, and we only use good quality acrylic sheets without scratches, spots, yellowing, dust marks for manufacturing.

    Where to use the acrylic display?

    Any brand that sells goods or services at retail needs acrylic displays to house or promote their products. They include, but are not limited to:

    • Department Stores
    • Restaurants and Dining Establishments
    • Specialty Stores
    • General Merchandise Stores
    • Supermarkets, hypermarkets, or Super Stores
    • Grocery Stores
    • Convenience Stores
    • Discount store
    • Clothing stores
    • Warehouse Stores
    • E-Commerce Stores
    • And more

    How do you fabricated the acrylic display?

    Here to introduce the typical process for the acrylic display fabrication

    1. Cut the acrylic sheet in size: Setting the program in the acrylic cutting machine and cut according to the size requirement;
    2. Polish: Polishing the acrylic edges with the diamond polish machine, cloth-wheel polish, and fire polish machine to make the edge beautiful, smooth, and not hurt the people.
    3. Assemble the acrylic display: Place the piece onto a working area, apply acrylic glue to the side, and attach them one by one. Be careful when doing this because the acrylate glue is pretty thin and quickly runs out. Then, use a block hook to ensure that the back and the side walls meet at a perfect right angle. Then fix the side walls with tape and allow it to rest for at least 24 hours.

    4. Finish: As a final step, you can remove the protective film on the walls. Polish it nicely if scratched during the process.

    What type of acrylic display are there?

    There is no limit as the type depends on what kind of products you would like to show. Here are 9 commonly used acrylic displays for learning.

    • Custom Acrylic POS & POP Displays
    • Custom Acrylic Cosmetic Displays
    • Custom Acrylic Countertop Displays
    • Custom Acrylic floor Displays
    • Custom Acrylic jewellery Displays
    • Custom Acrylic watch Displays
    • Custom Acrylic perfume Displays
    • Custom Acrylic lipstick Displays
    • Custom Acrylic eyewear Displays

    What are the features of the acrylic display?

    They include:

    • Accessible to mold/fabricated into different shapes
    • Lighter weight
    • Durable and much stronger
    • Highly Transparent
    • Easy to Clean
    • Inexpensive
    • Easy to Maintain

    Can you print our logo and branding information on the acrylic display?

    Yes, you can print a message, logos, and full-color, photo-quality images directly on acrylic displays. We use digital acrylic screen printing that uses UV thermoforming ink. This ink penetrates the surface of acrylics well, offering a long-lasting and highly effective solution.

    Can you assemble the LED light with the acrylic display?

    Yes! LED light is used to optimize the visual appeal of products in an acrylic display. LEDs provide bright image quality that enhances the contrast and enriches the range of colors.

    How long will the acrylic display last?

    Acrylic has been known to last for more than 10 years outdoors without yellowing, crumbling, or losing its strength. This makes it an excellent material to construct both indoor and door displays. They offer glass’s same clarity and aesthetic with improved impact strength and resistance to mildew, mold, and moss growth that obscure glass over time.

    What's the available color for the acrylic display?

    Although acrylic displays are commonly manufactured in clear material, they can come in various colours, including red, green, blue, yellow, and more.

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    We will advise the best suit thickness according to your display size, budget, market, usage, and using scenes. The thickness is the important factor of the display, which will decide the quality and function.

    Pros and cons of the custom acrylic display?

    Even the very best products have their own few weaknesses. The rule of thumb is to invest in products with a wide array of strengths that outweigh the negative. That’s the reality of our customs acrylic display. Bellow is an unbiased list of the pros and cons of acrylic displays:


    • Versatile: Acrylic can be fabricated into different shapes, patterns, and structures in a wide range of applications, from retail store displays to housing digital information kiosks.
    • Stands out: Acrylic has an aesthetic quality that’s hard to find in any other material. Its sleek appearance makes it perfect for cosmetic displays, POS displays, jewelry displays, etc.
    • UV-resistant: Because most acrylic displays are used indoor, you might not know that acrylic is UV-resistant. True, clear acrylic can last up to 30 years outdoor without yellowing or wearing out. Compared with other materials, it’s no secret that acrylic is more resistant to weather elements.
    • Cost-effective: Although some plastics are a little cheaper, acrylic is cost-effective and produces incredible finished goods.
    • Compared to other clear materials like polycarbonate and glass, which offer the same visual clarity, acrylic is 2-3 times cheaper than both of them.


    • Lower impact resistant: While acrylic’s lightweight nature makes it perfect for various applications, it also means that it cannot bear too much weight. That makes its structural integrity questionable, and many people tend to use it to display light items in a store.
    • Low scratch-resistant: Compared to glass, acrylic can scratch when gashed against a rough surface or object. However, it is easy to fix it with a polish.

    Acrylic display VS metal display

    Acrylic has a low melting point, making it very malleable. You can fabricate it into displays of different shapes, patterns, and structures. It’s also lighter, less reactive to rusting and oxidation, cheaper than metal, and has stronger chemical resistance properties.

    On the other hand, metal is more heat resistance, and its high melting point means it’s stronger and can therefore carry more weight. It can also be fabricated using various processes such as casting, welding, chipping, soldering, or deep drawing.

    However, displays’ primary function is to attract the attention of customers. Clear acrylic is very attractive and has strong features that draw attention and engage your customers to purchase. It allows you to inject personality and set your store apart from the competition. As of not being able to carry too much weight, most products are also lightweight. Items such as perfumes, watches, jewellery, eyewear, makeup, lipsticks, and other small products do not require a very study display.

     Custom Acrylic DisplayMetal Display
    CustomizationIt can be formed into basic and complex geometries with relative easeNot suited for crafting complex geometries or shapes
    ProductionQuick cycle times and fast turnover ratesMetal tooling costs are more expensive than acrylic
    WeightWeigh less than metals of comparable dimensionsTend to be stronger, harder, and suitable for storing bulky and heavy items
    ResistanceLess susceptible to damage from chemical reactions, such as rusting or oxidationHighly susceptible to damage from chemical reactions, such as rusting or oxidation
    SimplicityAcrylic can be coloured before fabrication, eliminating the need for post-treatment processes, such as painting. This saves time, money and eases the process.Require post-fabrication processes, like finishing, painting, and deburring, making it time-consuming and costly.

    Acrylic display VS cardboard display

    Acrylic and cardboard retail displays are both excellent options for retail stores. However, cardboard is ideal if you are working on a limited budget or doing short-term projects. On the other hand, acrylic is the way to go if you want a display that will last and deliver its promise.

    Acrylic displays are more common in retail stores than other materials because they provide a stylish and practical showcase of products. Unlike cardboard, acrylic does a better job protecting high-value products while still ensuring customers have a clear view of the items.

    Some of the benefits of acrylic retail displays over cardboard displays include:

    • Stylish and epic appearance
    • Very versatile and can be used to show off a variety of products.
    • Come in many options and designs such as countertops, wall mount, floor stands, 360-degree displays, and much more.
    • Water-resistant making them a perfect fit for displaying items that are susceptible to water damage.
    • Easy to maintain and clean
    • And more
     Custom Acrylic DisplaysCardboard displays
    CostAlthough relatively pricier than cardboard, it’s designed for repeated usage, giving you strong ROIInexpensive, but it doesn’t last long.
    WasteReusable and recyclableRecurring waste and disposable
    DurabilityIt can last up to three decadesTears and wears after some time
    CustomSimple, fast, and flexibleFast and flexible
    CleanlinessEasy to clean off dust and debrisLeaves dust and residue
    MoistureWater-resistantDestroyed when it comes into contact with water
    Colour Although it’s commonly available in clear acrylic, it can come in a variety of colors.Only available in brown and white colors.

    Is there a size limitation for the acrylic display?

    The fact that plastic has a low melting point makes it highly malleable. It can be molded/fabricated into basic or complex forms, and size isn’t a limitation. Malleability increases the production and fabrication of parts and pieces of any size and shape.

    How will you pack the acrylic display?

    Usually, the acrylic display will be packed with a clear opp bag and around with the protective foam. This way will help protect the acrylic display from being broken or scratched during shipping. Also, we can customize the packaging for the acrylic display to suit different requirements, such as pack with wooden box, custom colour box, etc. we will work on the best packaging solution for your reference before placing an order.

    How to clean the acrylic display?

    Start by sweeping a soft cotton cloth both inside and outside of your acrylic display to remove loose dirt and debris. You can use warm, soapy water or plastic polish to achieve that professional shine. Be gentle and use light pressure as you clean the surfaces. When you’re done, use a soft dry cloth to dry the surfaces. You can also buff or polish it with a cloth too.

    After cleaning, experts recommend treating your acrylic display with an anti-static cleaner—this helps clear the build of static charges that encourage dirt and debris to stick on the surface rapidly.

    Please note: Your choice of cleaning cloth is essential as any rough material can damage your acrylic display. Also, avoid the use of non-corrosive detergents or chemicals as they can cause a cloudy appearance. Avoid using chemicals such as:

    • Ammonia-based cleaners like glass and window cleaners
    • Petroleum-based chemical
    • Abrasive or caustic cleaners
    • Scrubbing pads or an abrasive pad

    How will you ship the acrylic display?

    We can handle the different shipment methods to suit the needs.

    Shipped by air:

    • Door to door by FedEx, DHL, UPS
    • Ship to the air port

    Shipped by sea:

    • Ship to the port (FOB or CIF)
    • Door to door (DDP)
    • Ship to Amazon Warehouse

    Or ship to your another factory in China, Let us know your requirements and we will make that happen, here is your one-stop.

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