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Strategically located in China, our manufacturing facility has the proper accreditations and certifications for effective and reliable testing of materials and components. Functioning as our central interface for our projects, we consistently inspect and monitor our products from design to sampling for ideal output. This translates to our clients receiving dependable products that perform optimally in a diverse range of applications.

World-Class Standards

Integrating Manufacturing Quality
Assuring Conformance
Corrective & Preventative Action

Different Tests

Cells Grading

The classification and grouping of lithium battery is to select the monomer with the same internal resistance and capacity for combination. Only performance is close to form a lithium-ion battery pack

Cell pairing

Maintain voltage consistency to ensure the overall quality of the battery pack

Insulation paper

A series and parallel connection is made to the core with a nickel sheet, and then placed on the welding machine for spot welding to complete the series and parallel connection.

Insulation paper

Insulation, pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, prevent battery short circuit

Cushioning foam

The buffer foam is added in the gap between the case and the battery pack, so as to play the role of fixing the battery pack, but also to prevent the battery from being damaged by vibration during transportation


Welding BMS to provide over charge protection, discharge protection, over current protection, short circuit protection functions

In Pursuit of Zero Defects

With the rise of client expectations towards quality and price, SSE constantly aims to reduce defects to 0% for every project. Through careful application of our standards in our manufacturing process, error rates are severely decreased, diminishing production costs while increasing output and profit.

Our Certificates

Securing vital certifications and accreditations from reputable authorities, SSE ensures that products from our warehouse are to work with exceptional results.

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