We invite you to check our newest products in our exhibitions that have cemented our brand reputation in Europe,America,Australia, Brazil, South Africa, the Philippines and beyond, widening our market reach.

All-Energy Australia 2016 26th-27th October, 2016

·SSE + All-Energy Australia 2026 26th-27th October. Booth number: B637

·Solar panel and related solar products attracted much attention, and the upgraded 12V 100Ah lithium battery also received many inquiries

EES Europe 2017 14th-16th Jun, 2017

·South Storage Energy CO.,LTD + EES Europe 2017. Booth number: L113

·12V 200Ah lithium battery is the star of the exhibition,it attracted much attention and received many inquiries

The Solar Show Africa(Egypt) 2018 9th-10th May, 2018

·SSE + The Solar Show Africa(Egypt) 2018 9th-10th May. Booth number: C310

·Received customers from different countries in Africa,and laid the foundation for further development of the African market

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