Custom lithium battery with different capacity: Best Choice To Complete your Project

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Do you want to successfully complete your energy storage project while maintaining quality? SSE lithium battery is here to help. We offer customized lithium batteries, which can be scaled to different sizes for different projects to ensure they fit in the corners of the edges. This will help you cost plan the entire project. In addition, our custom lithium battery is durable and has a long lifespan, which ensures the safety of the entire project.

12V lithium battery (ABS shell)

Features of customized lithium batteries

It can meet the needs of different projects, no matter large energy storage power stations or individual users, it can perfectly meet the needs of projects.

Big/Small Capacity

We have different capacity of cell for customers to choose, whether 7Ah or 300Ah, are in our business scope, flexible operation is more suitable for project types of customers.

Customizable size

The customizable size will give designers more space to design, whether it is an individual user, or a large energy storage power station, we can produce products according to your solution.

12V lithium battery (ABS shell)

Application and Use of Custom Lithium Battery

Meet the needs of different projects, whether private or public

  • Solar power system for home use.
  • Large public power generation projects such as: power stations, base stations, energy storage, enterprises, hotels, information centers, etc

Why choose SSE lithium battery?

Use our lithium battery to ensure high quality for project success and personal application. That’s why you should choose our lithium battery:

  • Strict quality control
  • Strong mounting structure
  • High security
  • Customizable size

Whether you’re looking for standardized,  or customizable lithium battery solutions, SSE lithium battery got you covered.

Contact us today for a strong and durable, high security lithium battery for all occasions.


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