About Us

South Storage Energy was founded in 2017 with the goal of customer satisfaction. Until today, our work attitude has always been positive. It is necessary to constantly adapt to this changing world according to the needs of customers.

IIn our 10,000㎡ factory, there are 1 chief technical engineer, 2 technical directors, 5 senior technical workers. And the other 45 workers each have more than five years of work experience. In addition, the factory can support up to 100 people to work at the same time.

Up until now, SSE received projects from more than 6,000 clients in 38 countries. The trust of customers comes from our pursuit of high quality. Today, SSE is steadily advancing towards the top solar energy storage companies.

about us

We Value Your Time!

Our team is 7×24 on standby, just like there is no time zone. Our commitment is to be the partner of choice to customers in our market by always offering excellence and value in LITHIUM BATTERY supply solutions.


Mutual trust with employees, customers, suppliers and stockholders.


Provide professional lithium battery design, photovoltaic project design scheme, photovoltaic energy storage system solutions.


Individuals and departments, in performance, results and problem-solving.


Building financial strength is the core of our long term growth and development plan in the interest of our customers, vendors, shareholders and partners.

Meet Our Awesome Team

Abbie Liu

Product consultant

3 years of experience in the energy storage battery industry, not only has her own unique insights on energy storage batteries, but also has a high understanding of the difficulties of transportation and customs clearance in various countries.

acky Wong

Jacky Wong

PV expert

With 5 years of experience in PV power generation systems, has rich experience in the new energy industry, has assisted customers around the world to complete more than 30 projects, and always maintains an enthusiastic and communicative attitude.

Thomas Wang

Thomas Wang

Sales manager

Sales manager, 2 years of experience in the energy storage battery industry. If you can try to communicate with him, you will find that in addition to his professional product knowledge, he is so serious and persistent in handling customer matters. His favorite sport is football.




CEO, has nearly 17 years of rich experience in the photovoltaic energy storage industry, has served as the general manager of local government solar projects in Africa and South America, and has a lot of experience in coordinating and building solar system projects in Africa and the Middle East.

Chris Wang

Chris Wang


CTO,16 years of experience in the energy storage battery industry, proficient in English, French, Afrikaans, and Mandarin, and has been dispatched countless times around the world to guide the design and installation of energy storage projects and battery projects.

Our Capability

We believe dedication and craftsmanship are the cores of acrylic manufacturing, where perfection is essential. Therefore, We pay high attention to each process of each project, ensuring every detail is tended to and working night and day to make your project happen.

With our advanced equipment and experienced workers, our team can easily handle custom acrylic projects quickly and provide customized product & shipping solutions according to different needs.

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Advanced Production Lines
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